Seeking the good, the true and the beautiful.

My name is Bethany Cochran, and welcome to my studio! I am a binary-minded artist, which means that there is a constant push and pull between my analytical and creative propensities. I have found resolve to this dichotomy through my career choice and my artwork. I work in healthcare data analytics by day and put my artist smock on in my off-hours. I am known to nerd out equally over spreadsheets as I do mixing color palettes. A similar dichotomy exists in my artwork as well, where you will find equal parts discipline and free-spiritedness. Depending on the collector, I’ve discovered that a broad spectrum of people can identify themselves with  my work, connecting to either the discipline (realistic forms) or the free-spiritedness (gestural brush strokes or minimalist abstract work). While I enjoy working in a variety of mediums (ranging from acrylic, oil pastel and alcohol ink), my focus is concentrated on portraits and figures. 

I live in North Carolina with my husband who is my best friend and adventure partner. Until 2019, I solely worked on a commission basis. It has been a joy to share collections of original works with you, including my most recent collection of oil pastel figures, Belle Nuit. If you'd like to receive information on upcoming collections, sign up for my email list!