Artwork for the old soul and classical-contemporary home.

Artist Bio

Bethany Cochran is a multi-disciplinary and self-taught artist based in North Carolina. Her work has a classical-contemporary twist and is recognized for her emotive color palettes, gestural brush strokes, yet realistic forms. She fell in love with the arts at a young age growing up in Brooklyn, NY.  A drawing pad and pencil were always in tow, from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to the subway to the kitchen table.

Bethany’s analytical nature has a strong influence on her artwork. There is a constant push and pull between her analytical and creative propensities. Bethany has found resolve to this dichotomy through her career in data analytics and her artwork. She majored in Economics and Spanish at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill and has spent the last 7+ years of her career in healthcare compliance and analytics. A dichotomy exists in her artwork as well, where one will find equal parts discipline and free-spiritedness. Individuals may find themselves connecting to either the realistic forms, gestural brush strokes or minimalist deconstructions in her work. Bethany’s draws inspiration from reflecting on her time as a dancer, poetry and the master’s representation of the human form. Bethany currently works in oil, oil and soft pastels, and alcohol ink.

Artist Statement

While I have always considered myself an artist, I dove into my artwork in high school as a way to navigate grief.  Art afforded me an opportunity to release the weight of depression and to visualize hope that my perspective did not naturally afford me at the time. The key reason I did not go to art school was so that my artwork could remain a haven for me. My desire nonetheless has been to continue refining my skills through study and consistent studio time.

The older I become the more I seek to use lines and colors to convey the grace my life has been reliant upon and the beauty I have always desired. I hope my artwork’s affect on people is to remind them of what our deepest humanity craves, namely, the good, the true, and the beautiful.