spring small works collection

by Bethany Cochran

Uncertain days. Those too, need beauty.

 I created this collection as my way to share beauty during these uncertain times. I intentionally priced this collection to make purchasing original art more feasible. Each piece is less than $100 USD, discounted 30% or more from my customary pricing. Most of the works in the collection are pieces I’ve created in the last four weeks during quarantine. My studio time this month has been a source of solace and refreshment. It is my joy to share these works with you.

The pastel artwork will be shipped flat in a box, protected behind glassine paper and inside a custom rigid foam board portfolio.

International shipping

I currently offer international shipping to Canada, Europe and Australia. 
If you are interested in purchasing a piece and live elsewhere, send me an email to request a shipping quote (link here).

shop collection

Oil pastel floral still life | 6x7.5"

$95 USD (discounted from $175)

soft pastel Rodin study of Eve | 9x12"

$95 usd (discounted from $175)

oil pastel spanish garden | 6x7.5"

$95 usd (discounted from $175)

soft pastel figure study | 9x12"

$95 usd (discounted from $175)

soft pastel garden | 9x12"

$95 usd (discounted from $175)

sepia charcoal garden study | 8x10"

$75 usd (discounted from $115)

Pen and ink torso study | 5x7"

$65 usd (discounted from $85)

oil pastel spanish vineyard | 6x8"

$95 usd (discounted from $165)

oil pastel rodin torso study | 8x10"

$95 usd (discounted from $175)

oil pastel spanish garden 2 | 6x7.5"

$95 usd (discounted from $175)

sepia charcoal Rodin study of Adam and eve | 6.5x9"

$120 usd (discounted from $190), sold as a pair

pen and ink bouquet | 5x7"

$65 usd (discounted from $95)